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From our CNVC Certified Trainers

Seeking Harmony Within & Without

a Foundation for Relationships Based on Love and Trust

By: Madhuri Radhika Merike Challet

AUDIENCE: intermediate

Sunday, Jun 16, 2024 12:00 PM —
Sunday, Aug 18, 2024 12:00 PM
Timezone: Europe/Stockholm

Our Goal with this Course

​Every single part and parcel of Krishna is a beautiful, unique, sparkling individual. There are no two completely similar souls in the whole of creation. Most likely, you have also experienced this diversity and the fact that we are all so DIFFERENT.

Due to our differences misunderstandings and disagreements are inevitable, especially  in Kali yuga, the current day and age. However, what separates healthy relationships from dysfunctional ones is the ability to transform the conflicts into harmonious collaboration.

​Our humble desire with this course is to contribute to awareness of the beauty of diversity and inspire finding ways to harmonise differences within and without for blissful cooperation and joyful life filled with love and devotion.

For whom?

​This course is meant for anyone: those new to Empathic​ Communication (EC), and those wanting to deepen their EC skills and consciousness.​​​ It is a wonderful opportunity to dive into learning and practicing  EC in a warm, supportive community, as well as integrating it into your daily life with the support of practice buddy.


In this course, I will combine the key concepts and skills of the empathic communication, resonant language, and internal family systems with group discussions, demonstrations, skill practice in small groups, and buddy support between the sessions for integrating what we have learned. 

In my experience the buddy practice is one of the best ways to assimilate EC, and immediately apply it in your life. Practice buddies help one another stay connected, inspired and supported throughout the course. This develops a spirit of collaboration, provides mutual empowerment, and has excellent potential for deep bonding and ongoing support far beyond the course.

Some of the topics:

  • cultivating awareness of intention and choocing where to place our attention;
  • needs at the core of everything we and others do or say;
  • self-warmth, and compassionate understanding of ourselves, especially, when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate;
  • exploring what blocks our self-compassion and connection with others;
  • reaction or response - choosing how we hear and respond to difficult messages;
  • enriching our repertoir with metaphors, and resonant language;
  • exploring sub-personalities within our mind and mediating between these for the sake of  inner harmony;
  • honest introspection and it's role in our (spiritual) life;
  • requesting what we need without guilt, shame, or demands;​
  • expressing and receiving a "no" compassionately;
  • transforming judgements and demands into compassionate connection;​
  • nurturing ourselves and others through genuine appreciation;
  • apologising with dignity and care


  • Diversity
  • General
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Social Change
With delight in our hearts, we are welcoming you, dear likeminded people, joining our course. Likeminded, yet so unalike, each of us has our own individuality, unique life experience, talents, desires. Each of us is like a flower in a wonderful bouquet enhancing its charm with our own special flavour and character... Lets join our efforts to reconnect with our compassionate nature and allow it bring harmony to all of our relationships, including the relationship with ourselves. ​Warm welcome!