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Portrait of Amal Mekouar

Amal Mekouar

Board Member
Languages: English, Arabic, French
Current Country: Morocco

Amal Mekouar is a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, living in Casablanca in Morocco with her husband and 2 daughters. She shares her understanding of NVC in three languages and in different countries and regions of the world (Maghreb countries, West Africa, Lebanon in the Middle East). She has been a pioneer in teaching NVC and setting local NVC associations in Morocco and Ivory Coast where she lived for two years. She was working in Finance when she met NVC in 2006, and shifted to focus her attention to sharing NVC in 2008 with different audiences (organizations, associations, leaders, youths, parents, doctors ...). Her interest in diversity and multi- culturalism led her to organize and facilitate residential multi-cultural trainings.

Amal is also committed to bringing NVC to business leaders and into business organizations through governance and cultural change. Amal is passionate about promoting social change projects in Africa and has been involved in a large initiative with Cocoa farmers in West Africa. She is very interested in representing voices from the Global South and contributing to systemic change. She is currently engaged in Girafrica, a project aiming at training peace ambassadors and certifying trainers in Francophone Africa. Amal earned an MBA and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Columbia University. She is a firm believer of the richness of diversity and the power of collective intelligence, and trusts that by tapping into both, we can have more impact. Learn more about Amal. (Term expires June 2025)

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