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“POWER WITH” instead of “POWER OVER”

The Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) brings a unique perspective to trainers who want to become Certified Trainers. You will find this process quite different from most traditional training programs. The certification team members who support trainer candidates on their journeys toward certification are called “assessors.” They create a partnership with a candidate — what we call a “power with” process, rather than domination or “power over.” This paradigm shift allows assessors to carry out their roles in a spirit of shared respect and shared power. When you enter the certification process, we invite you to the challenge of experiencing this shift.

Your Commitment: by the time you become a Certified Trainer, you will have acquired:

  • A strong grounding in NVC consciousness, demonstrated by your views of social change and NVC spirituality, and by participating in an NVC community.
  • A deep understanding of the NVC process and proficient teaching skills, as well as a willingness to continue to grow in all these areas.
  • At least one year of teaching NVC as a non-certified Trainer, including leading workshops and practice groups, significant training experiences with at least three different CNVC Certified Trainers for guidance, at least fifty (50) days of NVC training over the course of three to five years, and training logs and personal NVC journals to help you chart your own progress and learning.

    What’s Next? The path to CNVC certification includes six steps, in the following sequence:

    1. Pre-registration
    2. Registration
    3. Preparation for assessment (average of 3-5 years)
    4. Core assessment
    5. Assessment
    6. Certification

    certification preparation packet

    The Certification Preparation Packet is designed to support Certification Candidates in deepening their NVC consciousness, teaching skills, and understanding of NVC concepts. These materials are also designed to help Candidates determine their own readiness for completing each phase.

    Whether or not you decide to pursue certification, we hope that your enthusiasm for spreading and sharing Nonviolent Communication will continue. The “Guidelines for Sharing NVC for Individuals who are not CNVC Certified Trainers” is offered for your information. We request that you follow these guidelines, or use the contact form and choose Certification as the subject with your question and to request further information. 

    We strongly recommend that Certification Candidates attend an International Intensive Training (IIT) before becoming certified, and while this was once required, we are no longer in integrity having it as a requirement. Therefore, if a Candidate does not attend an IIT, we request the following:

    • Multi-day, in-depth, residential training 
    • International NVC experience 
    • Areas fully experienced: NVC community (ongoing peer support), spirituality, and social change 
    • Significant NVC experience with multiple CNVC Certified Trainers and mentors 
    • Established a connection to CNVC, have a clear priority to support CNVC's mission, willing and able to renew annual certification 

    Candidates who do not participate in an IIT before becoming Certified Trainers are asked to pay for the first IIT that they attend as a Certified Trainer.  We recognize that applying for certification is a serious commitment. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your interest with one of our training staff, please contact our Certification Department.

    Our gift to you

    Thank you for learning about the nonviolent certification process with us today. We hope you feel inspired and will share the gift of nonviolent communication in whatever capacity you are able.