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Take advantage of United States-New Mexico IIT Early bird!

Early Bird until 23-Apr-2024! 
Set against the scenic backdrop of New Mexico, this unique event combines educational depth with spiritual enrichment to enhance your personal and professional relationships. Discover the principles of Nonviolent Communication, focusing on empowerment, healing, and understanding the needs behind actions. Learn how to approach conflicts with compassion and curiosity, and how to transform confrontations into opportunities for growth and connection. 🚀 Don't miss this chance to foster profound unity and shared purpose. Secure your spot today and start your journey towards a more empathetic and connected world!

Olga Belogrivtseva, one of the trainers at the Unites States-New Mexico IIT (September 2024) writes:

“My goal is to contribute to reducing the hate and violence that can be lurking in us and around us. I believe in the power of individual and collective responsibility and want to encourage people to work together to create more open and free relationships".

Check out this exercise from another one of the trainers, Karen Starz, to determine if you are speaking in “Jackal” or “Giraffe” honesty:

  • 🐺 Jackals speak their honesty with evaluations, judgments, criticism, and more of the 4 D’s of disconnection (diagnosis, demands, deserve-type thinking and denial of responsibility).

  • 🦒 Giraffes speak with observations, feelings, needs and requests.


Finally, if you would like to practice expressing gratitude, this is a simple-but-powerful self-connection exercise for you from Sylvie Hörning.


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