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Calling In the Dawn Book Front Cover

Calling In the Dawn

Shaping Our Future through Authentic Dialogue


Do you ever wonder why some conversations leave us feeling curious and connected, while others leave us feeling stressed and polarized?

Every day, dialogues change and shape our world. The quality of our dialogues determines whether we wither or thrive,

so becoming effective communicators is essential for our survival.

But how? How do we bring our whole selves to the table for truly authentic dialogues that call in new levels of collaboration and respect?

This book is packed with elegant principles to help us answer those questions. Calling In the Dawn invites readers to consider that "Dialogue is a user-friendly, intuitive, free and regenerative resource.... if we can 'up our game' in how we listen and talk, millions of lives, trillions of dollars, and thousands of species could be saved."

Calling In the Dawn Book Back Cover

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