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Ada Bieńkowska portrait

Ada Bienkowska

Speaks English, German, Polish
Certified Trainer since 2023
"The weak overcomes the strong. The soft overcomes the hard.“ Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching"

Welcome to my CNVC-profile!

My name is Ada :)

I am a Certified Trainer for NVC and the organizer of the Polish NVC Online Festival, the co-organizer of the German IIT, I translate and review books connected with NVC, I love (co-)creating new NVC-projects and am fascinated by the idea of sharing power, resources as well as the idea behind Intentional Living Communities.

I support individuals and organizations in development. So far I worked inter alia with the ecovillage Hitzacker Dorf, the German Caritas, the University of Graz, the University of Warsaw, the European Commission, German institutions for adult education (Volkshochschulen), pilots, medical staff, specialists for occupational health and safety (as part of Human & Organizational Performance initiatives), corporate teams.

I am on the board and cooperate with the German NVC association DACH e.V. on projects aimed at disseminating NVC in Europe under Erasmus+.

I offer workshops, facilitation and coaching in the following areas:

- Introduction to NVC
- Deepening NVC through emotions (anger, fear, shame)
- Mediation
- The spiritual aspect of NVC

I am open to consider cooperation on any NVC-related projects.


Alongside NVC, I am inspired by the Internal Family System (IFS), dyad meditation, Movement Medicine, Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I work online and in person throughout Europe in English, Polish and German (I am bilingual).

At times I am a digital nomad, at other times I live in Warsaw and work in Berlin.

I have a son and a husband.


Sometimes I am afraid of failure, rejection, helplessness.

I enjoy lying on the beach in the sun, eating sugar-free cakes, and petting dogs (preferably Bernese Mountain Dogs).

Sometimes I like to cry.


I graduated in law and post-gradually in NVC.


Feel free to contact me in case you are interested in my workshops, facilitation, coaching or another NVC-related project.



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