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Anja Ufermann portrait

Anja Ufermann

Speaks English, German
Certified Trainer since 2017

Hello, my name is Anja Ufermann and I work as Trainer for Nonviolent Communication and Coach & Consultant.
In my childhood, it was in a way vital for my survival to empathize with others and translate their words into needs. This is how I developed a special feeling for people. I easily succeed in seeing their true nature and potential. My ability to empathize is therefore something that defines me. It is still difficult for me to write this here completely free of shame. It helps me that many people have reported this back to me.

Since my focus has habitually been on the outside, the challenge in my development has been to come into gentle contact with myself and to take myself as important as others. The transformation of countless critical voices in me, was an important step there, - expressing myself authentically and making requests the freestyle. Not only to pass on Nonviolent communication, but to live it is my daily incentive.

For me it is important to take responsibility and to help shape social life. I started the NVC-Days in Bonn and Cologne and ran the latter for ten years. I have organized trainers' days, congresses and an IIT. I was on the board of DACH e.V. for years and have been on the board of the projectgroup "transform Munich Security Conference" for several years now. I am initiator and organizer of the Munich Peace Meeting ( a dialogue event between peace science, peace work, the peace movement and the Munich Security Conference) and observer at the Munich Security Conference, which is the biggest think tank round global security matters worldwide.

I want to contribute to social change. For this I am more and more interested in the "WE". For this purpose I dealt with transgenerational and collective trauma. I am also interested in methods that promote cooperation like "the team is the boss".

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