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Carl Plesner portrait

Carl Plesner

Consultant in Dignity Space
Professional Leader of the Peace Engineer School, Ukraine
Speaks English, Danish
Certified Trainer since 2013

I mediate conflicts and facilitate reconciliation and restorative justice meetings. I work with cases ranging from bullying in schools to violence and occasionally torture, sexual violations and war crimes. At the core of my practice I aim at restoring dignity, humanity and freedom in the aftermath of violence. For all parties involved, no matter the size of conflict.

I also train people in restorative dialogues, nonviolent communication and conflict mediation. Both in private business, schools, the public sector and open trainings. I have developed deep understanding of human social life interaction from an extreme variety of situations. I am skilled in analysing human behaviour, social organization and interaction.

I am skilled in developing, organizing, analysing and evaluating small and medium scale human development programmes and processes. In daily life I easily navigate between learning, sharing knowledge, facilitating learning processes and taking the lead as an authority.

I am deeply committed to support the social and structural change toward a world where all peoples needs for freedom, sustainability and dignity can be fully met. My dream is that my two daughters will grow up in a world with less violence and more peace than the world I grew up in. This is my vision.

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