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Mary Mackenzie portrait

Mary Mackenzie

M.A., Human Relations, Northern Arizona University
Intuitive Facilitator, Communication Specialist, Author, Speaker, and Mediator
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2003
"My personal mission is to live peacefully in my own life, thereby creating peace within my own sphere of influence. My professional mission is to help people learn practical methods for living peacefully."

Mary Mackenzie is an author and trained mediator. She holds a master’s degree in human relations from Northern Arizona University and is the CEO and co-founder of the NVC Academy, the only online school for learning Nonviolent Communication.

Mary teaches NVC and other spiritually-based programs to individuals, couples, families, organizations, and spiritual communities through a wide variety of workshops and retreats. Her book, Peaceful Living: Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing and Compassion, offers inspiring practical methods for creating peace in our everyday lives.

As a pioneer of online NVC training, Mary runs her company in harmony with what she teaches. She and NVC Academy co-founder, Mark Schultz, paved the way to NVC online training in 2006 and have been instrumental in alleviating the financial and geographical barriers to learning NVC skills.

One of her passions is facilitating critical dialogues between people, and she has spent more than twenty years learning a wide variety of effective processes she can draw on in a moment’s notice.

Known for her clear communication style, she is especially skilled in helping individuals within groups put aside their preferences and find ways to collaborate with each other that are in alignment with their values. Her ability to cut through the confusion in a group has helped many teams quickly move forward in their desired progress.

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My vision is world peace

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