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Reena Ginwala portrait

Reena Ginwala

Nonviolent Communication integrated Mediation, Grief Work, Process Work, Vipassana, Kabir Baani
Speaks English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi
Certified Trainer since 2023
"Resilience is a blessing of living a life of courage, authenticity and purpose... I am blessed to have Nonviolent Communication skills, consciousness and practice to sustain a life of my choosing. I am keen to connect with you, listen, learn and celebrate as I share my lived experience and wisdom to contribute to a natural flow of giving and receiving that makes life more wonderful for one and all."

I live in rural Dharamshala; in the Himalayas in India; in close vicinity to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The energy of compassion is palpable in the air and NVC Consciousness integrated processes and tools help me live my purpose of 'Being' Peace, holding Community with care and hope, facilitating conflict reconciliation as a Mediator and offering my Presence to explore core needs wanting to be fulfilled with strategies that consider all needs. All this I attempt with self care, humility and acceptance of myself as I am - 'a work in progress'

I am blessed with memories of being soothed by Marshall sharing NVC at the IIT in Pune 2006. I was resentful, angry and depressed as I faced my new reality as a single parent to 3 daughters. From then till now, its been a deep healing, transformative life and my daughters and I face our challenges with grace and thrive as we grow and manifest the change we long for.

Now I walk towards conflict with openness, curiosity and care. I commit to showing up for what matters to me from a Needs lens. My current passion is for social change through NVC in 3 regional languages Gujarati, Hindi and Marathi in India; so each one has opportunities to reclaim their dignity, safety and well-being. I realize that systemic change is as critical as social change. I am diving deep into understanding the impact of colonization and unpacking the way I am limited by power and privilege in a global setting. I am keen to connect with and hold dialogues with people from diverse contexts as we walk each other home as liberated, empowered, mutually enriched human beings.

Themes that excite me and energize my need to contribute are:

  • Parenting from the Heart
  • Re-parenting Self as we connect with our adult 'Kids'
  • Grieving as we reclaim Choice
  • Dialogues @ Ground Zero - The NVC Way
  • Enough of Survival - Choose to Thrive
  • Interdependence as an essential element of life
  • Inter-generational Trauma to Inter-generational Resilience
  • Youth - A Force to reckon with

Let us meet each other where we are; and walk each other 'home'... 1 step at a time... 1 person at a time... I invite you to a glimpse of my world as a healer, mediator, facilitator, author, a human being. I am grateful for the opportunities to share NVC in Schools, Colleges, Corporates, Families, Intentional Communities, NGOs, and with Individuals.

I offer my sincere gratitude to my NVC mentors, Empathy buddies and fellow travelers for the richness of my journey thus far.

I invite you to a 1:1 call to connect, collaborate, and co-create a journey of manifesting our shared purpose. Please reach out using the Contact Form below +91 9823034544

“Let us weave together the Eastern Wisdom of Mystic Weaver Poet Kabir, Buddhist Perspectives and Vipassana Meditation to enrich our Nonviolent Communication integrated journey to 'Be the Change we wish to See in our world". I offer my presence and NVC skills for learning and transformative journeys to individuals, families, parents, professionals, organizations and intentional communities.”

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  • Business
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counseling & Coaching
  • Mind-Body-Spirit
  • Parenting & Family
  • Social Change
Presence, Oneness, Interdependence, Grief, Celebration of Life, Connection, Acceptance, Belonging, Dignity.
“I look forward to our path crossing so we may walk each other home!”

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