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Sudha Shankar portrait

Sudha Shankar

MA in English Literature, 1976, B.Ed 1986, Post-Graduate Diploma in Journalism 1986, Clinical Hypnotherapist 2003, Certified NVC Trainer 2017, Assessor-in-Training, CNVC
I see the potential of NVC…today more than ever…of helping people focus on what binds rather than what scatters and separates them. I am deeply interested in encouraging people to find their inner peace and potential, and to bring greater resonance in their interactions with the outside world, all the while urging them to honour differences.
Speaks English, Hindi
Certified Trainer since 2017
"The power of NVC lies in its simplicity. The simplicity, however, is deceptive because it asks us to shed our conditioning and our narratives, and engage with ourselves and the world through our essentially compassionate nature. Living NVC is a life-long commitment to fostering harmonious relationships."

Before my first training in 2009, I had no awareness of Nonviolent Communication. I registered for it because the announcement said something about communication and healing. And because I was an Editor and News Reader (communication), as well as a clinical hypnotherapist (healing), I was curious. Just that. Curious.

As Day 1 of the training progressed, I sat gobsmacked, utterly mesmerized by what i was learning. Hearing about needs for the first time, it seemed to me to be the missing piece of the jigsaw of life that brought understanding and meaning to many of my relationships and behaviour.

I was hooked. And, in due course, became a certified trainer. In the interim, the NVC community in the subcontinent grew. What helped me stay in touch with NVC was the weekly practice group in Delhi that we established after our first training and continue to facilitate, fifteen years down the line. We went online in Covid and restarted the in-person group we have two practice groups running. The online group has participants from across India and sometimes abroad too, from Australia to The Netherlands.

The spread of NVC in the subcontinent is my mission. My vision is to help remove divisiveness in society and bring dignity to all beings.
I offer public training programmes, and help organise large Conventions and International Intensive Trainings. My work through the Nonviolent Communication Trust, a not-for-profit that some of us established is also focused on supporting the emergence of certified trainers in the subcontinent.

i use NVC extensively in my clinical work (even with clients under hypnosis!). NVC mediation, conflict resolution, transforming core-beliefs, working on fears, anger, depression and guilt, embracing grief, are a few examples.
Education is another key area of engagement in NVC. I am convinced that for social change to be effective and lasting, children need to be encouraged to speak this "Language of Life" early on in schools and at home.

“My mission and my passion is to see the spread of NVC across the subcontinent through public trainings. In my clinical work, I use NVC in my sessions with clients, supporting them through healing processes, understanding anger and finding resolution, transforming core beliefs, and navigating difficult relationships through NVC mediation. As a founding member of the Nonviolent Communication Trust in India and an Assessor-in-Training with CNVC, I support trainer development programmes for certification candidates. I continue to help organize large NVC events in India, be they Conventions and the IITs or other public programmes.”

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“If my mission and my passion speak to you, and you wish to connect with me, please do so via email. 10. Quote 4: Side Panel: Even as a child I loved unravelling knots. For me, NVC is just that: unravelling knots within the self and in the world. This is essential to create a world where everyone's needs matter.”

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