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How Ukrainian Certification candidates deal with violence and depression - Fundraiser


 Join Irmtraud Kauschat for two Special Fundraising Events, in German and in English, on 29-May-2024 and 06-Jun-2024 and allow more people to practice Nonviolent Communication during the Germany International Intensive Training this year!


Irmtraud Kauschat, a certified trainer and assessor with over 20 years of experience in Nonviolent Communication and peacemaking, invites you to an open session with Ukrainian Certification Candidates. 

🎯 Goal of the Sessions:

To explore how Candidates, who work as psychologists and social workers, use NVC to assist traumatised Ukrainians dealing with violence and depression in families. We'll also discuss how others support refugees and local communities, helping them connect and share their experiences within safe empathy support circles.

💰 Fundraising Purpose:

All donations will support participants of the German International Intensive Training (IIT) 2024 who need financial assistance to attend the event in Sayda, Germany, from September 27 - October 06, 2024.

🗓️ German Session:

🗓️ English Session:

🤝 Your participation can make a significant difference! Join us through the links above to support and learn more about the impactful work these candidates are doing across communities.

If you are ready to donate, please choose “Germany (Sep 2024)” in the list.

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