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Join the annual supporting members' online event!


Imagine life cooperating in an online NVC community and participate in a Liv Larsson's session on "Compassion and Connection at every stage of life"!

❓Question 1❓

Would you like to be part of a large and thriving online Nonviolent Communication (NVC) community?

❓Question 2❓

Would you like to learn from, and be in presence of, a CNVC Certified Trainer with more than 20 years experience?

✅ If you’ have a yes to these questions, we are inviting you to join our Supporting Membership program, so you can participate in this year’s annual online event for Supporting Members. (Event registration details given upon joining)

The ‘Global Home’…

🔑 As a supporting member you will soon be getting access to an online community collaboration platform. And although we have already begun decorating and furnishing it nicely, this place will be your home. It can evolve according to your desires!

🤖 Technology that allows everyone to speak together in their native tongues

🌀 Access to ever-increasing NVC resources, including empathy exchanges, practice groups and training information

💬 Share, collaborate and discuss with people inspired by NVC all over the world

At this year’s annual members’ event, we will…

1. Get creative - imagining life cooperating in an online NVC community💡

In small groups let’s imagine 🤔:

  1. How collaborating with others in this space might impact your NVC life?
  2. In what ways could you create meaningful connections?
  3. What you would love to have happen here?

2. Get inspired - Liv Larsson on “Compassion and Connection at Every Stage of Life” 🎓

Liv is a Certified Trainer and author of 24 books on NVC. In her session at the annual member’s event, she will share some of her discoveries on how:

  • shame affects our communication
  • befriending shame opens an unseen door to deeper compassion.

To accommodate your various time-zones we’ve planned two separate, identical 100-minute meetings. You can choose which suits you best from:

1. Sunday 26-May-2024 UTC 07.00 (your time / add to calendar)

2. Sunday 02-Jun-2024 UTC 15.00 (your time / add to calendar)

🌐 Non-native English speakers: self-enable real-time captions in your own language.

The sessions will be recorded and used to attract future Supporting Members.

   Join today to receive the registration links!   


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