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Liv Larsson portrait

Liv Larsson

PhD in Creative writing
Author of 23 books on Nonviolent Communication, mediator, trainer, author, and shame expert.
Speaks English, Swedish
Certified Trainer since 2002
"NVC is the most hopeful tool we can learn. It is such a highly useful tool that can really make a concrete difference in our lives, relationships and communities."

I have written 23 books in my native language of Swedish, and many of them have also been published in other languages. I also translated many of Marshalls books as well as some other NVC-based books.

Over the last 20 years I have given NVC-training on all continents and with people from all walks of life as well as longer programs in Sweden. My trainings are often focused on inner work on shame, connecting this to communication outwardly. I also run extensive Mediation trainings for anyone wanting to use their NVC skills to connect people.

If you like to do a training with me, be ready to question what you already know, love yourself a bit harder, learn how take a step closer even to your "enemies." Residing in the north of Sweden, just south of the Arctic Circle, in the land of Northern lights, nature is my biggest source of energy. One of mediator contracts is an ongoing process between the natives of this part of the world, the Sami and the big forest companies as well as mining companies in Sweden and Norway. I have been doing this with FSC - Forest Stewardship Council since 2011. Acting as a bridge between these worlds feels like an important use of NVC skills.

I'm the author of 23 books including:

“I really think that NVC could play a much larger role in creating a world that is a better place for all than it does. And I want to contribute to NVC growing with my writing, coaching, mediation and training.”

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NVC can be such an exploration, a journey inside out and I hope that when you are ready for it, you will get support and travel companions on your travels.
“For all of you that already bought my books, I want to say thank you! As this helps me keeping the writing up. For all of you that I already met, I hope our paths cross again in the future. For all I have not met yet, please connect.”

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