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Getting Past the Pain Between Us, front cover

Getting Past the Pain Between Us

Healing and Reconciliation Without Compromise

This is a transcript from a workshop led by Marshall (48 pages).

Marshall Rosenberg demonstrates the powerful healing potential of Nonviolent Communication. Transform emotional pain, depression, shame and conflict into empowering connections. As Rosenberg shares, emotional pain is simply a sign of unmet needs.

He provides simple steps to create the heartfelt presence necessary to reconnect to our needs and foster healing. Learn how to transform your relationships and find satisfying reconciliation by moving beyond pain to a place of clear, honest communication.

Through role plays and everyday examples, Rosenberg demonstrates the key to healing pain and conflict without compromise. The healing power of NVC provides a practical and effective tool for individuals, mental health practitioners, mediators, families, and couples.

Getting Past the Pain Between Us, back cover

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