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Photo of Somya

Somya Jajor

United Arab Emirates
Speaks English, Hindi

Exploring my internal world, and the external motivates the journey of my life, and I seek ways to live with integrity and harmony. Alongside other beautiful practices that I have embraced, like yoga and ayurveda, NVC enables me to uncover my inner-self further, and to foster more meaningful connections with people around. My journey with NVC began 4 years ago with reading the book, and I could feel its transformative energy. The 9-Day IIT I attended was a heart-opening experience, with absolutely brilliant trainers (some listed above on this page!). Bringing elements of NVC into my everyday life helps me in understanding needs of self and others better, in both personal and professional situations. I hope more and more people find access to such knowledge, and benefit from it. To be a part of the organizing team for this IIT is a small way in which I can contribute to the community, and this makes me happy.



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