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Assessors Coordinating Circle

The ACC contributes to the mission of CNVC by providing support to Assessors, working toward improvements in the Assessment process, and serving as a liaison between Assessors and the rest of CNVC.

History and Context (click here)

Historically, the Education Services group was led by Rita Herzog in a role within CNVC, and then later through the Certification Coordination Council (CCC) on a voluntary basis. For some time, the CCC has played only the role of troubleshooting, meaning that some functions are not being attended to. 

In addition, the number of Assessors -- and now Assessors-in-training -- has grown to more than 60 people, making it impractical to engage each person in every discussion, and in all decisions.

In 2020, then E.D. Maria Arpa asked the Assessors for a group of up to 8 people who she could communicate with about topics that impacted Assessors, and in response, the Assessor Task Force was formed. Due to the conditions mentioned above and the success of the Task Force, we propose to formalize this group to provide a reliable mechanism for communication, support, and successful growth.

Roles, Activities, and Decision Making Domain:
  1. Oversee and refine the process for how Certified Trainers can become Assessors
  2. ​​Help steward the legacy of Marshall Rosenberg’s teachings of NVC
  3. Organize meetings of Assessors
  4. Develop processes and guidelines to support integrity and efficiency of Assessors' work
  5. Create and oversee a process of 360° feedback for Assessors and Assessors-in-training that includes Members and Certification Candidates.
  6. Request feedback from members about Assessors-in-Training and Assessors.
  7. Communicate to the rest of CNVC about their activities, decisions, celebrations and mournings.
  8. Establish a restorative system in collaboration with CNVC in order to respond to conflicts involving Assessors and:
    • Candidates (including disputes about certification readiness)
    • Certified Trainers
    • other Assessors

The ACC will make decisions in partnership with the Assessor / Assessor-in-Training community. For major decisions, ACC will consult with CNVC members, consider their feedback, and be transparent about their decisions relative to the feedback.


The ACC is made up of 7 people from the Assessor Community (which includes both Assessors and Assessors-in-Training) who are through an Election Survey created by the CNVC staff that is similar to the one used in CNVC Board elections

  1. Nominations: Any Assessor or Assessor-in-Training may be nominated by other members of the Assessor Community.
  2. Statement: If the person nominated is willing to serve, they provide a brief statement.
  3. Voting: Members of CNVC indicate their level of support for each candidate (from -3 to +3)
  4. Joining: The 7 people with the most support are invited to join the ACC.
  5. Open Seats: If members of the ACC do not finish their terms, the following will happen:

a. If the membership of the ACC falls to 5 or 6 people, the remaining members of the ACC have two options:

i. Continue operating with 5 or 6 people and wait until the next annual election to fill the open seat(s).

ii. Invite the person(s) who finished with the next highest total(s) in the most recent election to fill the remainder of the term.

b. If the membership of the ACC falls below 5 people, the remaining members will invite the person(s) with the next highest totals in the most recent election (to get back to a minimum of 5).

  • Terms on the ACC will be 2 years
  • Exception: for the initial election, terms will be staggered: Four (4) people will take on 2-year terms and three (3) people will take on 1-year terms.
  • For the initial election, the people elected will decide which 4 people will serve 2-year terms, and which 3 people will serve 1-year terms.
  • People can serve a maximum of 3 consecutive terms, at which point, they must sit out for a full year before being eligible to rejoin the ACC.