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Certified Trainers of the Denmark International Intensive Training answer to all your questions!

We're excited to host our fourth and final Q&A meeting for IIT Denmark, featuring trainers Sudha Shankar and Kirsten Kristensen. Don't miss this chance to engage with them directly!
📅 Date: June 12
⏰ Time: 5:30 PM CEST
🌐 Where: Online via Zoom
🔗 Registration
About Sudha Shankar:
Sudha integrates NVC into her clinical work, including hypnosis, and focuses on mediation, conflict resolution, and emotional healing. She advocates for introducing the "Language of Life" early in education to foster lasting social change.
About Kirsten Kristensen:
A CNVC-certified trainer and mediator, Kirsten has been a dedicated advocate of Nonviolent Communication since 1998, facilitating programs worldwide to promote peace and understanding.
🎥 Note: This meeting will be recorded and made available through various channels to aid in our outreach and educational efforts.
We look forward to supporting your journey in NVC. Hope to see you there!
With warmth,
Sekita, Giu, and Maria
IIT Denmark 2024 Organizing Team

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