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NVC trainer candidate

I first came across NVC in 2021, and saw it as a guidebook which contained clear pictures on how to be compassionate towards others and myself in ways that I was searching for since my childhood.
Since then it has influenced my behaviour and my relationships with family, friends and coworkers to a degree that got me motivated to start the path to become a trainer.
My main motivation is to bring social change through NVC specially to the ones who’d have less chances to come across it, being financial blocks, culture and other aspects.

Recently I've been working as one of the coordinating members in an international team of certified trainers and NVC enthusiasts in order to build a school in Kenya that will work based on NVC and will be a refuge for children victims of physical punishment in schools, as well as morally and sexually abused children.

I'm also involved as a facilitator in other social projects which offer NVC for free to international communities who struggle to pay for trainings. 

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