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Sekita Schack Rubeksen


NVC explorer

I started my NVC journey in 2005, inspired by the changes that suddenly happened for my mother, after many years of her suffering from social fear/phobia.The reason for her change was her inner work with the NVC tools.
My own goal was, the thought of, that maybe, I could learn to be the peace in the world, I wanted. Still learning ; )

Besides being still in training, I have had motivating experience using the tools from NVC in case management for debilitating illness, and have offered support to others who needed help in similar situations. It can be between state departments and a challenged person, between sick person and hospital ect.

I was involved in organising the IIT in Denmark in 2017, which was a joyful, heartwarming and motivating experience. To be in a place, surrounded by people from different cultures and parts of the world, all willing to dive into the NVC world, landed in me as a totally magical experience, and I would like again, to contribute to the outer form and frame for an IIT, in which that may unfold again.

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