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Katrina Vaillancourt portrait

Katrina Vaillancourt

Certified Sex Educator
Co-Creating a World of Win/Wins
United States
Speaks English
Certified Trainer since 2022
"The one-word solution to all the world's problems is compassion." ~Mata Amritanandamayi"

If conflicts have left a strain on your relationships, I'm here to guide you. Let's cultivate robust communication skills that transform romantic relationships, marriages, and parent/child dynamics and family systems for the better forever. Together, we'll clear the clutter that may have been “swept under the rug,” restoring intimacy, trust, and co-creating win/win relationships as we establish new Compassionate Communication habits into your way of navigating life. Embark on a journey to lasting love and harmonious connections! 

I am a mother, artist, Certified Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Trainer, Mediator, Relationship Coach, and Sex and Intimacy Educator who specializes in supporting people to apply all the principles of NVC, including the finer points, to their romantic and family relationships. I support my clients to enter into the empowered state of “soul coherence;” a way of living which is deeply aligned with one’s core values and authentic self-expression while living in compassionate flow with the world around them. NVC has been core to my life since 2006.

My work is client-centered, always in service to what is most alive in you. While my mediation work follows a basic mediation flow, my one-on-one coaching work includes a variety of personal and relationship growth tools including NVC, internal mediation, journaling practices, compassionate inquiry, role-play dialogues, inner child work, meditation, breath work, use of affirmations and more. I am the creator of Love Smart Cards, an educational and practical application tool that aids in the rapid learning of the basic principles in NVC, and development of emotional intelligence skills such as empathy, gratitude, conflict resolution and character cultivation.

I offer online courses and low-cost introductory sessions to anyone who wishes to experience immediate support and ask questions to determine if our working together is the right fit. Your path to thriving connections starts now. Reach out, and let's build a foundation that transforms every aspect of your life. Request a Liberating Love strategy session.

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The one-word solution to all the world's problems is compassion. ~Mata Amritanandamayi

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